Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Dollar Tree Haul!

 Woah! What's this? A legitimate blog post? From me? Why yes it is! I've been itching to blog a lately and I sorta have a camera again! It's kinda crazy because I was gifted an ipad air for Christmas and had no idea how good of a camera are on those things! You'll see, it even captured the dryness of my hands wonderfully! (Thanks, Apple) but for real! I was shocked. But anyway I've been doing some dollar tree shopping lately and I have been amazed by the things I've found for a dollar! (And my family can't stand much more of my delight, much like with makeup and polish so I'm back!) I don't have them to show here, but my stores still have them but Essie Strips! At the dollar tree! I just had to get that out there since its one of my most impressive finds to date. But anywho this is gonna be a long one since I took so many pictures (and I tend to ramble, lets face it.) And in case you're curious the polish on my nails currently is Nicole by OPI Modern Family collection "Basking In Gloria"...it's been discontinued a while ago but you might find it drifting in clearance bins. I really love it...and I love Gloria, but I think dupes are definately out there.

 Some dollar trees (2 out of the 4 in my area have them) have wall type displays of LA Colors Polishes (in the beauty isle) and these two are new. This one is Cupids Arrow, AKA perfect for cutesy Valentines day nails. As you can see it's a glitter topper of hot pink and white matte glitters of various sizes. I bet it's limited edition.
 This. Oh my. This is the most gorgeous dollar polish I've ever seen. Hell. it's one of the most beautiful polishes I think I've ever seen...it's called Glam. It's got a gold shimmer base with baby pink and blue glitters...the gold base literally glows. Oh you must see this in person. The best description I could give is do you remember that Mermaid Collection that Deborah Lippman came out with? How about all the dupes for the blue one? Revlon's Perfumarie in Wintermint (I believe it was) or Sally girls Brainy? This polish has that look. It will also need built up like those. It's beautiful and it very well may get its own post in the very near future, since I don't know if this is limited edition but I think you should jump on it if you see it, since both of these came out the same time. (Ps thanks to ChaChaCakes on youtube for the heads up on these polishes!)
 These finds aren't too exciting...however I thought the shades were pretty and I thought maybe these were like those 5 pan palettes that come out at Walgreens (which I don't have access to) that people love around Christmastime. These are Profusion Gemineye palettes in Bare and Smoky. Truthfully I super into Astrology so I love this play on words. However, I'm not a Gemini. I haven't swatched these yet but when I do the might get there own posts if they're anything to write home about. They had one other shade and they were really bright and glittery and I don't know what it was called (you know me and my ever helpful hints...)
 E.L.F studio brushes! These are the "C" brushes...I can tell you these are very nice. I can't recommend the essentials line paddle brush anymore (since the brush bristles themselves seem to be shorter, less dense, and they seem to shed like crazy! I don't know if I keep finding bad batches but I'll be buying the studio ones from now on...what a rant lol but seriously, I bought my first go of them about two-three years ago and they're still going strong! But they must have changed them to cut cost my guess, or a bad batch. I dunno) but I've bought the studio brushes (this particular brush and more) and love them. So to find a $3 brush for $1 is always good in my book.
 Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear polishes in Fiesta and Confetti Punch. I believe these polishes came out this past summer (well I know for sure Fiesta did anyway) and I've had mixed luck with Xtreme wear, so even though they were beautiful I didn't pick them up. But for a buck I figured I'd give them a shot. My DT had five different ones but these where the only ones I really liked.
 A close up of Confetti Punch. I thought it would be unique to my collection.
 Fiesta. I also don't have anything like this...it has matte black, white, and red glitters. I like it because it reminds me of card suits...for some reason I like cards...and card suits...I dunno lol
 Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips in Smoky Hazel Eyes. I think this is in the old, old packaging...I also don't have hazel eyes. But I like eye shadow. And Purple. So that's that.

Can you tell I'm running out of steam? Lol but if you're still reading, the best is just about last!
 L'oreal Color Riche Le Gloss in Short Shorts and Mint Ice! My jaw actually kinda dropped when I saw these (and I hope no body saw that lol) because I'm over dramatic intense sometimes. Most of the time. If I'd blog more maybe you'd know that ;) but on a serious note, these came out last spring and I wanted them then but they never came to my area! So I finally forgot about them...until well my jaw dropped and I threw them in my basket as soon as I saw them. They also had a jelly orange looking one, but oranges and corals aren't my thing so I didn't pick that up.If I remember right the green one is kinda milky on the lips and kinda nudes out your lips (making maybe a perfect nude? I dunno) and I'm not sure I read about the lilac shade, but I'm always up for a surprise.
 I'm always curious about those as seen on tv things but I normally never try them, but for a dollar, sure. Why not. So these are Hot Buns. I'm hoping these will maybe help me make a decent bun because my hair is very long, but also thin. So my buns have essentially no volume and look like a really tight knob looking thing since I have to re bun/ fold it over so may times if that makes any sense. My hair is only a couple inches off my butt in case you needed a visual Lol
The Air Curler! Did I mention my hair is also damn near pin straight naturally? No? Well it is...but I always want those loose curls...but I don't wanna spend an hour on a style that will be out of my hair in a few hours...so why not try this?

The dollar tree has kinda been a rediscovery for me...I haven't been there much since I was a kid but thanks to the internet I'm now aware that the dollar tree is quite the buy out store, kinda like Big Lots...just cheaper! I've seriously found some of the same things at the dollar store and big lots but for different prices.

So I definitely think you should check out your Dollar Tree and see what you can find because you never know! If you shop at the Dollar Tree let me know what you've found, and if you're on the look out for anything I hope you find it! :)


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

ELF Jasmine Sets On Walgreens.com!

 Well, according to my blog all I do is stalk walgreens.com for the newest Disney Elf collections rather late at night. It wouldn't be too far from the truth, except tonight I was nursing a horrible migraine (and mood) and I was watching a Disney Resorts/Park Documentary (like behind the scenes stuff) which just happened to lead me to talking with my dad for like two hours about our last Disney vacation, my love of Jasmine (Because she actually rode on the magic carpet ride with me!! And it basically made my vacation) But oh hey! Look the WHOLE collection is available on Walgreens.com so I figured I'd pop on here and hope it helps someone out :) Just a hint, if you type in Disney and click on the disney beauty subsection, you can find everything including the bags, Ardelle Eyelash sets, the makeup and whats left from the past collections as well. Oh! or maybe I could just link you there! Go here, right here.

Thanks for reading :)


Ps. Not paid, no afflilate links, nothing more to see here, just hope you get what you want :)

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Influenster Dean List Vox Box

  Well, it's been a while since I've blogged but to be fair I actually had real life things to do! *Shocker I know* But for a small update I graduated (okay, that was a few months ago, but still) and I've been taking care of both of my Grandmas. So cut me some slack ;) And now I'm lining up my college arrangements (Nursing School!!) for next fall, but I'll have to take a Chemistry class in the Spring I believe, so I'll be ready for full blown school in the fall. *Whew* but I would like to get blogging again but it's bringing me down that I can't get my camera to work, so makeup swatches/posts are pretty done because I feel that I can't provide you guys with decent pictures :( However, I will have an Ipsy post soon and a post on cheap indie pigment/glitter storage ideas (we're talking Dollar Tree cheap!) so stay tuned for that!
 Soooo back to the real meaning for this post is I was sent the Influenster Deans List Vox Box for review and I wanted to show you guys what I got! *Please excuse the Ipod touch pictures, but enjoy my rambling*
      Pre-Dug into, I was excited because I had no idea I was gonna get this box...it just showed up in my mailbox!
All of the stuff together. I did close up pictures of some of the things below but somehow forgot the lashes and the softlips cube. So I'll tell you what I think of them here...
 Kiss Eyelashes in Flirty: I did try these lashes out and it was my first time using false lashes...I have to admit these guys were wild. Gorgeous but wild...I would have described these as Dramatic instead of Flirty...with the name flirty I just thought they'd have a lighter style...to be more airy and fluttery if you know what I mean...but they are stunning, and nice quality. They look long (very long!!) and full...but at the ends I guess they do look a little airy because they are separated beautifully, they still pack a punch though. I would repurchase them. They retail for $3.99
 Softlips Cube in Pomegranate Blueberry: Can I just say I'm a lip balm fanatic (which I'll have another post about...) so I was ecstatic to find this lip balm in my box because as soon as I could find this lip balm in my local stores (they couldn't keep it in stock when it first came out!) I was gonna buy it. And I was happy I got this scent because I don't like mint much at all...but this is awesome. I would describe this scent as pretty true to the name...except I'm not sure I know what a Pomegranate smells like! So in laments terms I would describe this as blueberry crossed with a grape-ish scent, which I'm pretty sure Pomegranates have a grape-ish smell...well at least the flavors they give other chapsticks and lotions smell like that anyway. But I like it! It's moisturizing and very, very smooth. And since these are clearly Softlips answer to Eos balms I have to say I enjoy the cube shape a lot! I'm really glad they didn't just find there own sphere packaging and call it a day. I appreciate the originality and the fact that the plastic actually looks like and ice cube :) Oh and so you don't get tripped up like I did *Doh!* The balm is connected to the colored bottom, which twists out of the clear cube. ;) Retail: $3.49
  Nail polish! I back it.
  Sinful Colors in No Text Red: I haven't seen this shade in stores yet but I love Sinful Colors. I collect them and use their polishes all the time...I look forward to their limited edition collections all the time, and  this polish, it's quite similar to their polish Ruby Ruby which is a.k.a my holy grail red (which I love when I'm going for a Pin-Up/Sexy look). But back to the point, and a more serious note is I love the story behind this polish. You should NEVER text and drive. It's just so dangerous and not worth it for you or anybody else on the road, one thing to remember when driving is you're choices could effect anybody on the road... so please never text and drive...so the point of this polish is to paint your thumbnail red to remind yourself not to text while driving. Retail: $1.99
   Playtex Sport Tampons: Tampons! How fun! Not really...but they're pretty necessary...however I only wear tampons when I go swimming on my period...I prefer pads, so I haven't had a chance to use these yet. *I wonder where the line between TMI and honesty cross, oh well, I'm not ashamed. Just telllin' ya what's up ;) Anyway these retail for $3.99
  PilotFriXion Clicker: Okay. By the name of these I would have had no idea what they really were. I just though "Hey! Pens!* and that was that. Then I looked at the paper they were attached to and saw the "Erasing Tip" arrow then of course I had to try it! I remember the first erasable pens that I ever saw, I think PaperMate made them and I don't think they make them anymore because they didn't work too well. They erased some but it kinda just smeared the ink around...it weakened the writing but you could still make out what you wrote if you wanted to...but not with these bad boys. Seriously. I was pretty cynical to these but I'm a believer now. I know it sounds dramatic but let me explain, these erasers are like some kind of hard rubber type material...but not like a pencil eraser (like the other brands) these are little stiff nub type things that don't seem to wear away like an eraser either. I don't understand how these work but they do! No trace left behind! I'm impressed...and I'll be hiding these away for school, so they don't get "borrowed" and "lost". You know the deal. Ps the black writes black and the blue writes like a super bright blue, almost gel pen worthy! These are a little pricey though in my opinion. They retail for $5.75 for a 2-pack.
Luden's Blue Raspberry(?!) Cough Drops: Um when did these guys come around? They are only available at Target, which is probably why I haven't heard of these. But they also came out with a watermelon flavor too. I just want to add that I had such bad strep throats when I was a kid that I had my tonsils taken out in 2nd grade, so I grew up on Luden's Cherry cough drops because I hate menthol (and still do...) I was pumped to try these. In case you didn't know Luden's drops taste a lot like candy (yes, please!) and let me tell you, these don't disappoint. Delish, and to the best of my knowledge, the first Blue Raspberry cough drops on the market, that I've seen anyway. They retail for $1.49
 Air Heads Bites: I grew up on airheads too lol So to see these is pretty cool. Growing up my favorite was the cherry but out of these my favorite was the Lemon (but I'm a lemon fiend these days) but honestly they were all pretty good. Just airheads that you can eat more like an adult. Perfect. Retail $.87 to $1.29

Well, that was my Deans List Vox Box. If you know how Influenster works then you know I was sent these things for free to review but all opinions are my own.

I think my next post will be my November Ipsy bag that I'll have up soon because I just got it today!
Thanks for your patience ;)
Thanks for reading :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Get U2's New Album Songs Of Innocence for Free!

   Hey! It's just a short post today, sorry for disappearing for a little bit, I have stuff to tell you guys I was just swamped! Soooo...onto what this quick post is really about! On iTunes you can get U2's new album called Songs Of Innocence for totally free. When you log into your iTunes account, if you go to your account, under purchased, you'll be able to find it. It's automatically put in your cloud so all you have to do is download it (if you look for it in the store it'll tell you it's already been purchased, save yourself the confusion, just go to your purchased section lol)

I know it's not makeup but I thought some of you might be interested, so I figured I'd give you the heads up. I'll admit, it kinda made my day! :)

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy it too!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Snow White E.L.F Collection Available On line at Walgreens!!!!!

I saw this new LE collection Musings of a Muse about a week ago and have been watching online ever since! You can find this in stores (if you have a walgreens...) but if you don't you're in luck! Just like the LE Ariel Collection the Snow White collection is available online too with free shipping on orders over $25! It might also be available on drugstore.com which is where I had to get my Ariel set because Walgreens sold out so fast, so if you want this set, jump on it! Here's a direct link to the collection. Prices start at $4.99 and go up to $9.99
I'm in for the Lip Collection gift set (4.99) the Eye Shadow gift set (4.99) and the beauty book (9.99) and I have to say the packaging art wort looks just as gorgeous as the Ariel beauty book. They also have a brush set and a blush/bronzer looking set (9.99 and 4.99)

Snow White is my favorite princess so I'm pretty pumped! But next may I suggest Jasmine? She's my second favorite...actually just keep these princess collections coming (online!) I'd like them all ;)

*Not affiliated at all. You know the deal*
Are you picking anything up?
What princess would you like next?
Thanks for reading!


Monday, July 7, 2014

Super Cheap Revlon Lippies at Rite Aid (Next Week, Print Coupons Now!)

   You might wanna get on this! Coupons.com just released a high value $2/1 ANY Revlon lip product, and you get two prints per computer. Then Rite Aid Video Values for the month of July has a $4/2 Revlon lip product coupon which you can stack with the Coupons.com coupons for $8/2 lip products! Then, if that wasn't enough savings for you...next week Rite Aid has 40% off all Revlon Cosmetics!
So...if your stores pricing is close(ish) to mine your deals could look like this...

Buy 2 Lip Butters for $7.99 each
Minus 40%
Use 2 $2/1 and stack the Rite Aid VV $4/2
For $1.58 Total!
So 79 cents each!

That beats clearance (and you get your pick of the litter!)

Or you could get their lipglosses (which are also great) and I think they retail for $8.99
Or their infamous chubby stick balms (which are shocker, also great) for also $8.99 each. So after sales and coupons those would turn out to be $2.78 total (or $1.39 each!)
OR you could get their new moisture stains that retail for $9.99 for $3.98 for both ($1.99 each!) Which I also like...they do have a really cool texture and I suggest India Intrigue for a gorgeous dark(er) berry...I've been loving it...I also have Parisian Passion (which comes off as almost a purple/black...it's very dark but very beautiful). I also have LA Exclusive and I have to say all of them come out a few shades deeper than they look in the tube, which kind of shocked me, but I'm very pleased with them. *What a ramble* I haven''t been able to blog about them yet but for 80% off I had to tell you ;)

But anywho, get those coupons printed, they can be taken down any time!
I'm not sure what I'll pick up yet, maybe some lip butters because my collection is a little lacking there...or maybe a gloss too...I only have one but that formula really is wonderful...hmmm

What are you gonna pick up?
Any suggestions?

Thanks for reading!

*As usual I'm not payed, sponsered, affiliated ect.*

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June 2014 Birchbox

    It's been forever since I blogged...errrm sorry about that. I have all sorts of excuses for it...but the main one is my camera (which you'll notice in this post). For some reason I can't get my computer to "recognize" my camera. So I haven't been able to upload decent pictures...so these are Ipod pictures lol. I just really wanted to start sharing my thoughts again so I tried to make it work. So sorry for the crumby pictures but thanks for reading :o)
  *Disclaimer I bought this box myself and at the end of the post I will have my referral link* Well, I haven't got a birchbox in like...six months? Maybe more. Once I got with Ipsy I dropped it because for the longest time I wasn't impressed with what I was getting...it just wasn't worth it and I had sample overload. So I canceled, but I've been seeing decent boxes on blogs so I figured I'd press my luck and get the June box, and I'm finally figuring out the points system. So here's what I got...

   Color Club Gala's Gems Collection- In Breakfast At... I really like this shade! It's a pearly green shade, it looks similar to one of the new LE New York Color nail polishes that I wanted and now I don't need it. So pretty happy there!
 Davines- Love Smoothing Shampoo, Conditioner, and Ol All in One Milk... For once I wasn't too bumbed out about getting hair stuff! That is until I realized there is enough shampoo (which smells delish btw) for 4-5 uses and enough conditioner for two uses (if I fold over the packet thing) and one with the milk (leave in conditioner...) So I'm not sure how well thought out that was but okay. By the way, those packets in the far right corner are the conditioners.
English Laundry For Her... For once I'm not too pissed off about the perfume sample either! I haven't smelled it yet but I'm shockingly not too upset about it...maybe because it's not another Juicy Conture variety and maybe because I haven't gotten perfume once with Ipsy. So I'm kinda lukewarm.
Evologie Stay Clear Cleanser It's a big enough sample to really get a feel for it and I generally welcome cleansers and masks ect. I'll be honest, I really, really love facial care samples for when I need to go buy more of my go to's but just don't want to (it happens) or when I want to switch it up.
And finally Cynthia Rowley Beauty Silver Eyeliner 
 Here's a picture of the color...
 Here's a swatch...
Here's the swatch after I tried to rub it off...Seems like good stuff to me! (The after swatch looked much stronger in person, thanks Ipod) But it's really pigmented and creamy. The packaging is pretty beautiful which made me question the quality to a degree, but nope. It's pretty great! I kinda wanted the lip gloss (the other CR option) but I'm trilled I got this instead.

  So overall I'm pretty happy with Birchbox this month! My expectations were pretty low (I didn't used to call it bitchbox without my reasons) but curiosity got the best of me and I'm pretty happy! I got two "pretty" cosmetic items and some other things I'll use, but honestly the eyeliner and nail polish made the box. Worth $10? Well...yes, no, maybe so...but in the end? Probably not. I'll get the July box and see what happens. Thanks to the lovely ladies at Makeup Talk I'm starting to understand the review/points program which I guess is the only thing they have on Ipsy. You get 10 points per review and I think 10 points is the equivalent of a dollar in there online store *From my understanding, please don't take my word just yet* So if I review everything I'll have 70 points (if they count shampoo/condition/milk thing as 3) which would be $7 in there store (or $5 if they count the bundle as 1). So for a $10 box shipped to my door that's not a bad deal, considering everything will get used. But if they start sending me foundations that don't anywhere near match the "pale as hell" on my profile, then it'll be a bad deal (You don't know how many great samples I've got through my first birchbox sub that I had to pass on because they didn't anywhere near match me). Oh and with the points you can cash out for Birchbox gift cards so they won't expire! That's another good feature, I hate expiring points.

Well thanks for reading! If you want to sign up to birchbox you can use my link here, and thank you :) But truthfully if you don't want to subscribe I don't blame you. I probably won't keep the sub myself, depending on July, or maybe I'll get an occasional box...what can I say? I'm a sucker for surprises :)

Thanks again for reading!
What's your favorite subscription service? Any you recommend? Any you wanna try? Let me know!