Saturday, September 21, 2013

Heads Up! Killer Rite Aid Sale...

This is quick and short I know...I've just been swamped but I wanted to let you know about a Rite Aid sale starting this Sunday (9/22/13) on Maybelline products which can net you the Maybelline Fall collection lip glosses and or lipsticks on the super cheap!

Here's one scenario:
Buy 4 Maybelline Color Sensational Lip glosses at roughly $7-$8 each (It varies store to store, I think mine has them $7.99 so I'll use $8 to make all math easier and so you don't get thrown off by a higher price.)
After a buy one get one 50% off sale the total is $24
Then use 4 $2/1 Maybelline lip product coupons from the 9/8 Red plum insert
Then use $1.50/1 Maybelline Color Sensational gloss coupon here
Pay $14.50
Get back a $5 +up reward
Final Cost is $9.50
So $2.37 each! Basically you'll get four for basically a little over the price of one!

If you've been eyeing up the fall collection of LE lippies it's a great time to get them! Obliviously you can mix and match the new lipsticks and glosses as long as you buy one of the glosses you'll be able to use the facebook coupon. I think my store has the lipsticks at $7 or $7.50 but I'm not sure.

To plot  I mean plan your purchase even more over at Eating Lipstick she has swatches of the entire collection! Which I'll link you to that right here.

Another thing to think about...
Buy 4 Maybelline Color Sensational Lip glosses $8   $24 after sale
Buy 2 Maybelline Nail Polishes from perhaps the fall line *cough cough* G has those swatches here
$5.98 after sale
The kicker is you'll have to spend 2 more cents to get a $5+up reward, so maybe another polish or babylips...for the sake of the math I'll say polish but you can wing it on your own. Then you might as well get another item to get the bogo50% off sale...
Buy 2 more polishes $5.98
Total before coupons $35.96
Use 4 $2/1 Maybelline lip product coupons
Use the facebook coupon for gloss linked above $1.50/1
Also use the facebook coupon from the same link above for $1/1 maybelline polish *You can use the FB coupons only once each. Just scroll over at the bottom to find this polish coupon.
Pay $25.46 (After coupons)
Get back $10+ups rewards
Final cost $15.46
So $1.93 for each product! That's a really good savings, especially if you've been eyeing up the new LE collections! <---Did I stress that enough? Yes I've been waiting for this sale for those LE's :)

*I'm not paid to write anything I just wanted to let you know about these impending deals because I'll be talking about the hauled soon and don't want you to miss out...or pay retail O_o

*Disclaimer: I said this would be a quick post...nothing about this post was quick.

*Thanks Hip2Save for the coupon info!

Thank you for reading!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Wet n' Wild Tough Girl Swatches

I picked these up at K-Mart a few days ago and am finally getting my swatches up! So apparently there are two different Soldiers in Charms palettes. One in a green theme and then the black/silver/white that I have. I heard from G over at Nouveau Cheap that Walgreens has the green palette and she also has great swatches of the entire collection including the blue, which I also didn't see at K-Mart.
 This is Soldiers in Charms (The alternate version?) Sorry I had to take the pictures of the palettes sideways, I couldn't get my camera to focus otherwise.
 They are smoshed together...I tried to keep them closer.
 Enlisting For Beauty
 My camera's a little like won't focus! I'm still learning bad photography 101. But I LOVE this palette, nice quality (as usual from wnw). It will make a great nude eye look and I love taupe colors...I'm a little biased I suppose. 
 Zero Dark Flirty
I also have a thing for purples and this fits the bill well! The violet (the top in my swatches, I flipped them) needed a little build up but I think it's worth it. 

*Everything was purchased by myself.
**Unflattering photos also taken by myself

These retail for $2.99 each and depending where you buy comes with a mascara (Mega Protein in the green tube) which is okay if you ask me. It's a "natural" looking mascara, no drama but nice (isn't no drama nice?) The only downer is it's a very wet formula. It will on enhance your lashes a lashes are long(ish) but they go blond about halfway up so it really just gives me what I have it just...helps? Eh lets be honest it's hard to review mascara since every one has different lashes...the only consistent is the wet formula.

Which one's your favorite? Do you have them? Do you know why there's two different Soldiers in Charms? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!