Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June 2014 Birchbox

    It's been forever since I blogged...errrm sorry about that. I have all sorts of excuses for it...but the main one is my camera (which you'll notice in this post). For some reason I can't get my computer to "recognize" my camera. So I haven't been able to upload decent these are Ipod pictures lol. I just really wanted to start sharing my thoughts again so I tried to make it work. So sorry for the crumby pictures but thanks for reading :o)
  *Disclaimer I bought this box myself and at the end of the post I will have my referral link* Well, I haven't got a birchbox in like...six months? Maybe more. Once I got with Ipsy I dropped it because for the longest time I wasn't impressed with what I was just wasn't worth it and I had sample overload. So I canceled, but I've been seeing decent boxes on blogs so I figured I'd press my luck and get the June box, and I'm finally figuring out the points system. So here's what I got...

   Color Club Gala's Gems Collection- In Breakfast At... I really like this shade! It's a pearly green shade, it looks similar to one of the new LE New York Color nail polishes that I wanted and now I don't need it. So pretty happy there!
 Davines- Love Smoothing Shampoo, Conditioner, and Ol All in One Milk... For once I wasn't too bumbed out about getting hair stuff! That is until I realized there is enough shampoo (which smells delish btw) for 4-5 uses and enough conditioner for two uses (if I fold over the packet thing) and one with the milk (leave in conditioner...) So I'm not sure how well thought out that was but okay. By the way, those packets in the far right corner are the conditioners.
English Laundry For Her... For once I'm not too pissed off about the perfume sample either! I haven't smelled it yet but I'm shockingly not too upset about it...maybe because it's not another Juicy Conture variety and maybe because I haven't gotten perfume once with Ipsy. So I'm kinda lukewarm.
Evologie Stay Clear Cleanser It's a big enough sample to really get a feel for it and I generally welcome cleansers and masks ect. I'll be honest, I really, really love facial care samples for when I need to go buy more of my go to's but just don't want to (it happens) or when I want to switch it up.
And finally Cynthia Rowley Beauty Silver Eyeliner 
 Here's a picture of the color...
 Here's a swatch...
Here's the swatch after I tried to rub it off...Seems like good stuff to me! (The after swatch looked much stronger in person, thanks Ipod) But it's really pigmented and creamy. The packaging is pretty beautiful which made me question the quality to a degree, but nope. It's pretty great! I kinda wanted the lip gloss (the other CR option) but I'm trilled I got this instead.

  So overall I'm pretty happy with Birchbox this month! My expectations were pretty low (I didn't used to call it bitchbox without my reasons) but curiosity got the best of me and I'm pretty happy! I got two "pretty" cosmetic items and some other things I'll use, but honestly the eyeliner and nail polish made the box. Worth $10? Well...yes, no, maybe so...but in the end? Probably not. I'll get the July box and see what happens. Thanks to the lovely ladies at Makeup Talk I'm starting to understand the review/points program which I guess is the only thing they have on Ipsy. You get 10 points per review and I think 10 points is the equivalent of a dollar in there online store *From my understanding, please don't take my word just yet* So if I review everything I'll have 70 points (if they count shampoo/condition/milk thing as 3) which would be $7 in there store (or $5 if they count the bundle as 1). So for a $10 box shipped to my door that's not a bad deal, considering everything will get used. But if they start sending me foundations that don't anywhere near match the "pale as hell" on my profile, then it'll be a bad deal (You don't know how many great samples I've got through my first birchbox sub that I had to pass on because they didn't anywhere near match me). Oh and with the points you can cash out for Birchbox gift cards so they won't expire! That's another good feature, I hate expiring points.

Well thanks for reading! If you want to sign up to birchbox you can use my link here, and thank you :) But truthfully if you don't want to subscribe I don't blame you. I probably won't keep the sub myself, depending on July, or maybe I'll get an occasional box...what can I say? I'm a sucker for surprises :)

Thanks again for reading!
What's your favorite subscription service? Any you recommend? Any you wanna try? Let me know!