Tuesday, January 13, 2015

ELF Jasmine Sets On Walgreens.com!

 Well, according to my blog all I do is stalk walgreens.com for the newest Disney Elf collections rather late at night. It wouldn't be too far from the truth, except tonight I was nursing a horrible migraine (and mood) and I was watching a Disney Resorts/Park Documentary (like behind the scenes stuff) which just happened to lead me to talking with my dad for like two hours about our last Disney vacation, my love of Jasmine (Because she actually rode on the magic carpet ride with me!! And it basically made my vacation) But oh hey! Look the WHOLE collection is available on Walgreens.com so I figured I'd pop on here and hope it helps someone out :) Just a hint, if you type in Disney and click on the disney beauty subsection, you can find everything including the bags, Ardelle Eyelash sets, the makeup and whats left from the past collections as well. Oh! or maybe I could just link you there! Go here, right here.

Thanks for reading :)


Ps. Not paid, no afflilate links, nothing more to see here, just hope you get what you want :)