Monday, August 26, 2013

If Today Was A Test Of My Self Control...

Let it be known I have none. But to my defense this was a very, very, VERY premeditated purchase. Seriously. I've been stalking Rite Aid for the Wet n' Wild Pop Art collection. Seriously like two weeks ago (before I accepted that I won't get my hands this collection) I went to Rite Aid three times in one week and the one in the next town over twice. So today I went into K-Mart in hopes of those delectable orange slice gummy candies (that I've oddly been craving) and took a spin around the cosmetic section because I can't be in any store and not end up in the cosmetic section. So I actually kept enough cash in my wallet to buy the collection because I told myself if I see this collection I won't think twice, I'm getting it all. I told you I planned this since I first found out about it. Oh and all Wet n' Wild is buy two get one free...
From left to right: Your 15 Minutes Aren't Up! (I was actually the most excited about this's so cool!)
To Muse and Carouse (Probably the most wearable of the bunch...I like this one a lot too)
Three's A Party (This a cool one too)
 A Regular at the Factory
I'm Seeing Triples
Hard Being the It Girl
These are just really unique, like nothing I have and they will be fun to play with :-)
 Oh. I didn't mention these huh? I was pretty pumped to find these too! These are perfect for everyday wear. These are in the new Army themed collection...there's also a blue pallet but K-Mart didn't have it. 
Soldiers in Charms
Zero Dark Flirty
Enlisting For Beauty
 I was pumped to find these too! These were $1.99 but keep an eye out for a $1 off coupon on the display (a tear pad booklet) to get them for 99 cents!
-Rimmel Metal Rush collection-
Pearly Queen
Gold Save the Queen (You know the names great)
Bronze Princess
And finally the culprit behind this whole haul...I wasn't gonna post this but for comedic relief purposes I thought I should.

I'll swatch the beauty army collection first (since it's just hitting stores) but if you want to see anything else first let me know! :)
Oh and by the way at K-Mart the Wet n' Wild sale didn't come off at the register so watch your receipt...I had to go back and explain to CS that it's on sale. I almost didn't bother because I was told it was probably an old sign (seriously?) then I said it's in the sale circular...surprise surprise it was on the first page he opened :p But I mean come on I'll badger someone over a dollar. I'll tear you a new one for nine ;) And is it just me but are the people that shop at K-Mart generally angrier than the rest of the population? I understand it's too hot and there's two registers open but I waited my turn y'all can stop anytime now with rolling your eyes and loud breaths. Yes girl three people behind me in line with two arms full of clothes, you probably should have gotten a cart. And personal space is another massive issue. At Walmart I never feel like people are breathing down my neck (not that I like Walmart but still) maybe it's how crammed together all the aisles and the candy are and the people are packed in like sardines. I don't know...

Where do you stand? (As long as it's roughly three feet away from me we won't have a problem)

Well thanks for reading!
Let me know if there's anything you'd like to see first, I'll have the beauty army up asap!

Friday, August 2, 2013

It's Mardi Gras Somewhere...

Well probably not. BUT New Orleans is a place I've always wanted to go and I was feelin' this glitter bomb manicure since I got my paws on the Wet n' Wild glitters from I think the Glitter Rocks or Hot Rocks (?) collection....either way it's the last glitter collection they came out with and it's still floating around the drugstores :)
 From one angle...I know how unprofessional my photos look...I just try to get decent lighting for the moment...just look at the glitter and smile...
 This manicure was bright when I was showing it to my family they had a hard time seeing I tried my hand with a matte top coat...
 Matted! I actually liked this mani matte better than could actually see the colors. Not just a bright light kinda deal. But with three different glitters and two layers of topcoat (before that matte coat) believe me it was bright.
The culprits from left to right:
Revlon in All Fired Up (core line)
Wet n' Wild in Quartz of Course (Limited Edition, but still available)
Wet n' Wild in 18k Gold (LE, but still available)
Wet n Wild in Emerald the Crown Jewel (LE but still available)
NYC Matte top coat (core line)

FYI there was a red glitter in this collection that I missed out on but if you can find it (or another red glitter) it would look great with all the glitters above over black. That was my first idea until I forgot I don't have a red glitter, so I improvised. 
Lemme know if you try this out!
Thanks for reading!