Saturday, December 15, 2012

Calgon Massaging Beauty Bar In Morning Glory Review

I recently got a couple of these bars during a great sale at Rite Aid and I've gotten around to trying these so I figured I would review them. Here it is!
 Above: What you are looking for.
 Above: The massaging stubs.
Above: The detail on the back.

There isn't too much you can say about soap but there are some things to watch out for. Such as: Moisture, scent, film, clean, and in this case the massage factor.
Moisture: It's kind of moisturizing but if thats all you're looking for, I wouldn't choose this. This is NOT a drying soap though. I'd give it a 6/10
Scent: It smells like an "after the rain scent" with a little floral hit. A nice scent, but it doesn't last  long on the body.
Film or residue: When my skin was wet it was kind of sticky and felt a little filmy. But after I got out of the shower it did not stick. So I would give that a 3/10 (The lower on this scale the better)
Clean: This soap did make me feel clean, very clean. I would give this 9/10
Massage: This soap's massage stubs do feel very nice, but don't push too hard! 9/10
** A word of caution: This soap will make your bath or shower stall REALLY slippy, more so that other soaps or shower gels I've used. So if you share your bathroom with other people (young or old) make sure you rinse it out very well.

Would I recommend this or repuchase it?
Recommend? With everything factored in, yes. It is a pretty good soap, I would more recommend it for Summer or Spring (when your skin isn't too dry.)
Repurchase? If I caught it on a good sale, yes! But I think they ask a little too much retail for it.

Price: A two bar pack for around $4-$5
Where can you get it? Rite Aid and other retailers that carry Calgon products. Here is the store locator.

Have you tried any Calgon products you recommend? Let me know!

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Friday, December 14, 2012

December 2012 Birchbox Review

It's that time of the month. I'm sure you've heard that bad joke enough times but...sorry ;) This months Birchbox is one of those meh months. I'm not totally turned off to it but I'm not running around thrilled either. There are some things I couldn't be much happier with but then there's the rest. Well, take a look :)
Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream: I was kind of excited to see this because I haven't tried a CC cream yet and I've heard goo things about this brand. It's also a nice size sample (Probably 3-5 days worth) so I will actually be able to test it out.

Kerastase Resistance Ciment Thermique Protect: This is a hair treatment meant to protect your hair from heat, I'm not too excited for this..I don't style my hair too much but since I have it I'll try it.

Nicole Richie Fragrances (Nicole): I honestly HATE seeing perfume samples in my Birchbox. If you do the math I got 5 samples, paid $10. It's kind of like paying $2 for a vial of perfume. I don't know, they're just kind of a let down for me. By the way, if I'm going to shell out $69 for a perfume it's definately going to be Taylor Swifts new fragrance, Enchanted. I love Wonderstruck. (I just got pretty off topic...)

theBalm cosmetics Mary-Lou Manizer: I was beyond happy to see this in my box! It has a bit of a cult following and I've seen it on other blogs and I've been dying to try it, now I can! YAY!

Emily's Chocolates Dark Chocolate Peppermint Holiday Fortunes- I way happy to see chocolate anything in my box (Who isn't??) but when I saw peppermint I thought it was ruined. I hate mint anything. Ugh. Then it's a fortune cookie, I just didn't expect to like this what-so-ever. But I did! It's a pretty calm peppermint and the chocolate, oh my god. Fantastic quality! The fortune cookie just gave it a crunch, which was surprisingly nice. I actually might buy these. A box of 6 is $5.99

So that's my Birchbox this month. theBalm and Emily's chocolate saved the day. ;) What did you get? Do you suggest any other subscription sevices?

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Simple Winter Nail Of The Day (NOTD)

For this winter theme design I used Midnight Affair and Stunning both made by Revlon. Want a cheap joke? I hope your "Midnight Affair" was "Stunning"! Good right? No, it was cheaper than these polishes ;) Both of these polishes I got at Rite Aid on 75% off clearance about a week ago. If you see Midnight Affair don't be fooled by the bottle, this is a beautiful Navy blue, it's shiny but it's not metallic like the bottle makes it appear. Take a look!
To me, it has a snowing at night kind of look! It is simply two coats of Midnigh Affair and then start about half way down the nail with Stunning. I don't suggest doing it evenly, as in start a little futher behind here and little more towards the tip here, don't be a perfectionist!It looks perfect this way. I have two coats of Stunning on also, because to be honest Stunning's sparkles are pretty few and far between to some degree. But I do love this look and I had to share it. I also don't have a topcoat on.

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

CVS and Rite Aid Clearance Haul!

Yes, it's that time of year again! Where all the insane beauty hoarders *none of us are guilty, right? Nah, I plead the fifth.* But the CVS beauty clearance is in full swing with those glorious 50% - 75% off signs and I even found a good amount of 75% off signs at Rite Aid! So before I show you what I found, I should let you know that at your store these products might not be marked, as mine were not. But all of the same beauty products are on clearance from store to store so scan them at the little red scanner/coupon machine just to make sure. There is a master list here (from one of my fav blogs!) So that's what I got! The top picture is CVS and the second is Rite Aid. Let me break down what I got:

Milani Lip Flash in Hot Flash and Flash Light- around $2.00 each
Wet N' Wild Eyeshadows singles in Brulee and Glamrock (My camera picked these colors up badly, Glamrock is a stunning purple with silver sparles and brulee is not yellow, it's a very biege highlight color) -.99 cents each
Burt's Bees Lip Gloss in Evening Glow- Not on sale but there was a $1.50 off coupon and it's a new product I had to try. $8.99 (Reg.)

Rite Aid:
Almay intense i-color satin i kit trio for Hazel eyes -$1.94
Revlon Nail Polish in Stunning and Mischievous -$1.34 each

So that is my haul! I will be doing reviews in a timely manner this time *Promise!* so if you would like to get these deals, well long story short don't hesitate! I'll long the long story ASAP. If there's anything you'd like reviewed first let me know!

Thanks for reading guys! Muah!
P.S If you'd like me to see your haul just direct me to it!
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Sunday, November 4, 2012

K-Mart Haul?

I never thought I'd say this but K-Mart's where it's at! They had things I wanted and didn't know I wanted! It's not a mega haul but I'm really excited to let you know these things are poping up in K-Mart and a surprise product you may want.
   Here's the mini haul.
From left to right- Khroma Beauty in Khloe's Kardazzle ($12.99), Wet N' Wilds Drinking a Glass of Shine palette from their new holiday collection ($4.99), and Wet N' Wilds Jumbo Juicy lip balm in Candy Apple from their holiday collection as well ($2.99.

As you can see there is one wild side and one natural looking side. I wasn't thinking of possible repeats in the palette at the time but when I got home (okay I only paid attention to the wild side) I thought maybe their three shadow palette in "Walking On Eggshells" was the SAME thing. But I'm so happy to tell you it's not, they do look similar but they are NOT the same. Once again this is the "Drinking a Glass of Shine" palette which retails for $4.99

Now on to this compact of goodness! I will be doing swatches and a full review in a day or two so stick around for that! So, I've never heard of the Kardashians coming out with a makeup line but I'm happy they did! I found these on the jewelry counter, which in my store is right next to the makeup sections. All I saw at the display was the Khloe and Kim palettes but I was in such a hurry (my lovely brother was rushing me) I might have missed Kourtneys. As you can see Khloes Kardazzle features beautiful browns. Kims Kompact (get it?) featured traditional smokey eye/metallic shades. These lovely little things retail at $12.99

Sorry for this picture being worse that the others, I probably should have taken the lid off to avoid the glare and maybe some blur, but you get the jist of what it looks like, right? I love jumbo lip balms and this is just awesome. The actual balm is green and red (So festive!) and it leaves a slight red tint when swatched, but with your lip color you might not even get the tint. The smell I adore, as it is candy apple. They also make gingerbread, candy cane, and vanilla. These retail at $2.99 *Do you see my Halloween nails?! It was Jack from the Nightmare Before Christmas but the smile started rubbing off, still cute!

That brings us to the end of my haul but you can expect swatches and reviews on these products super soon! Oh, and if you are a Shop Your Way rewards member you might have gotten $10 worth of FREE points to use towards your purchase! I was surprised but my cashier said everyone got one but I missed what she said about why we got them. So I would certainly check that out. Another thing, my K-Mart also had an end cap display of the Fergie Wet N' Wild get the look type things which retail for $7.99. If I didn't think I spent enough today I would have picked one up! But there is always next time. ;)

Thanks for reading! Much love,

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Well, Hello There!

*Cue sweetest voice you can make in your head* Hello! I'm Ashley, this blog is going to be about a bounty of beauty products. (Clever, I know) I will mainly blog about beauty products from the drugstore but thats not saying that high end products are off limits. I will also have swatches, hauls, tutorials and looks. Oh, and for some reason I forgot to mention reviews. I'm very open to suggestions so just let me know and don't be shy! Oh, and some of my make up looks might not be the most, well how do I say this...normal? I like to really have fun and be creative with my make up! Thats what it's about for me! Unless I want to look sane but thats pretty rare, but most looks will be some degree. Pinky promise! No promises.