Monday, July 8, 2013

Missed Manicures Pic Heavy

Hi there :)
I've had a lot of technical issues in the past month crossed with giving up but some dumb luck and google chrome later I'm back! I've been taking pictures of the manis I've been doing since I blogged last so here's the missed manicures!
 Sally Hansen complete salon manicure in Angel Bite. This is a sloppy swatch but at least you get the color. It's from their latest LE display, it's still hanging around the drug stores. 
 This is just to show that what you see in the bottle is what you get, I really like it :) It looks bloody doesn't it?
 This was inspired by the Little Mermaid, it's pretty unfocused because I want you to see the green shimmer! For this I used Late Night Lilac from the NYC Expert Last line, I think this is a really old LE but any deep(ish) lilac color would do. Then I used Heartbreaker from Pure Ice (Core line) for the green shimmer (which showed up better in person). Then on the top half of my nails I used Pure Ice in Twist and Shout. I don't know much about this polish but any red glitter would work...maybe even better because Twist and Shout has random blue glitters in it.
 Simba liked it too.
 Okay, he really liked it :)
 This is from the NYC Long Wearing (99 cents) line in Skyline Blue. They just put this out in Spring and it's part of the core line. Every time I write core line I want to write "Coroline" the movie :)
 This is my new favorite manicure! It's Sinful Colors  Beverly Hills from one of the many new displays they put out for summer (I think it's the Kentucky derby inspired one). Then I used on the upper half of my nails Spitfire by Pure Ice (core line!) I used it in a bit of a U shape so the outsides of my nails are longer and the inside is closer to my nail line (if that makes any sense? lol) It's out of focus so you can see the holographic glitter in Spitfire.
 Doesn't it look like I dipped my tips in like magic sugar?
 It reminds me on a unicorn! I've never seen one or anything but...if they were real I'm sure I'd love them this much! :) This picture is more accurate in the color, it is a warmer toned lilac. But the glitter looks AMAZING in real life :)
 This is Julie G's Gumdrop polish in Blueberry fizz. It reminds me of Cinderella! :) This was my first textured polish and I don't like the texture part but it looks like straight glitter! So I did a top coat...
I did two coats of NYC long Wearing top coat which took away the texture but left the look! I suppose I can talk the talk but not walk the walk ;) Oh I used a base coat (which I've been told not to do with texture polish) but I don't think it hurt the application or anything...I thought it was fine. I just didn't want my nails being murdered from taking the chunks of glitter off. I used the foil method and this came right off! No issue at all.

If you're still reading thanks for checking out my missed manicures!
Have a nice day :)