Friday, March 1, 2013

I'm Not Dead (Yet)!

You can take that for what you will but I apologize for my uhm...over a month long blogging absence :( To be honest I've had a lot of craziness in my life these last few months. Blah. The end of December went to hell which was followed by January A.K.A a month that may have been worse that December (I had two family members in the hospital and one die) only to be followed my Febuary which I still feel a little meh about and to be honest, I'm not excited for March either. But I will try to be optimistic about it, in fact today was actually a pretty good day. :o) (And it's the 1st of March so fingers are crossed.)

Well thank you for reading and tommorow I should be back at ya with a post or two (if not tonite!)
Much love,